Types Of Hosting Services Explained (Shared, VPS & Dedicated)

First of all, let me tell you what really web hosting is?

Web hosting is just like a computer (server) which holds your websites’ data 24/7 in the cyber world. These servers are equipped with the latest, fast and secure technologies. Which provide website the massive up-time, speed and security. Alternatively, this might be costly for individuals to have it for their business.

Furthermore, we will give all-time our favorite experts’ recommendations as per your business needs. Typically, every web hosting company offers many types of web hosting packages including cheap and expensive.

Most noteworthy, you need to understand the right package first before getting it. Taking care of website traffic, security, speed, budget and technology of web hosting are the must do the activity.

Types Of Hosting Services



Type # 01: Shared Hosting

This is where you share hosting server’s resources with other accounts. Each business uses their separate domains.

This is affordable & inexpensive (cheap!) WordPress web hosting service. Especially, for small to medium websites with a limited budget.

It’s similar to living in an apartment. Hence, all residents must share the available resources with others. Resources include CPU time, memory and disk space.

If you are just starting out with smaller website traffic with cheaper web hosting options then select shared hosting package.


Type # 02: Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS accounts are allotted with dedicated resources to individual accounts which are not shared by others.

The overall CPU time and memory are distributed among all accounts on the machine separately.

This gives an advantage over the shared hosting with more power and resources available to each account. Hence, this provides better performance and speed over shared hosting with the little price difference.

It’s similar to living in a condo. Where you have dedicated part of resources without tapping into other accounts’ resources. As a result, this gives better resource, more power and flexibility than being on the shared hosting.

This plan is suitable for established businesses who are looking to cater their website traffic growth.


Type #03: Dedicated Hosting

This is where you want the ultimate performance, speed, security and control in hosting services.

It’s just like having an own house to authorize all the resources by yourself.

Most noteworthy, you don’t need to share it with other accounts.

This hosting is perfect for big group of companies who want ultimate performance for their maximum website traffic. This is the most expensive web hosting service.

I hope now you get a fair idea about the different types of web hosting plans. Therefore, considering your requirements first is the initial step. This includes your website traffic, usage, speed, performance, and budget. If your requirements are lower initially then select for shared hosting. Alternatively, you can opt for dedicated hosting for your big requirements.

Finally, after selection of your web hosting package. Let’s dive into a further step of selection of right & cheap WordPress hosting companies. I have reviewed top reliable and inexpensive web hosting with 12 months plan. You can read more at my blog “Top Reliable & Affordable Hosting Reviews 2017″ & “How to save money on web hosting purchase & renewal”.

Do you have any queries or suggestions please do share with us via your comment below or contact me. I will help you out with your WordPress hosting queries fast!!

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