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Business is my passion:

Everyone has dream to start his own business to earn money rather than work for someone else’s dream. You may have dreamed about your business for many years and looking for right path to guide you. May be it seems scary and excited to start your own business but with solid plan your excitement will boost your energy to startup. Hence, here are the guidelines which I write about 10 small business ideas to help you plan your dream business into reality.

1) Social Media Consultant

Now a days everyone is aware of social media. Some people spent their more time in social media if you are one of them then you can use it to start your own business. Turn your time into your small business activities to make extra money. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube are very well known social media all over the world. Promoting products and services on these channels would be good option to use for small business earnings.

2) Freelancer Writer

If you like to write article, stories, magazines etc than there are a lot of online websites where you can start your small business such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork and many more. Publish your content on these websites and eran money from your stuff totally free of cost.

3) Photography

If you love to captures pictures than you are lucky that you have option to turn your passion into your own small business its best thing to earn money doing something you really love and having fun. So now just pick up your camera and let start your own small business.

4) House Cleaning Business

This business provides cleaning service to homes and offices with minimum startup investment, This small business can be expand to as big size company as you want, inspiring point in this business is that you are going to be paid daily without any technical and complicated work, Its too easy.

5) Bookkeeper

Every business need an organized bookkeeping system, if you are accountant or having knowledge of accounts so you have an option to start your
own small business to provide your services online or manually to your customers.

6) Tutor

Tutors are always on high demand. Its all about to teach your skills to others with paid return. It’s love to share your knowledge with others,
Does not matter what kind of knowledge you have… it may be any language, Dance, Yoga, music, cooking etc. Your skill will be appreciate if you will do it as passion and possibly demand will be increase and you may gonna hire other tutors to meet demands.

7) Property Management

As you know real estate is commission based business, Now a day everyone look for suitable house, flat, offices with their requirements so they are looking for real estate agents for rent or sale their property so you have a better option to start your small business in real estate.

8) Hair-Styling Salon

Everyone wants to look modern with time to time fashion what the reason to make hair-styling salon business make successful, so it is good if you are thinking to start this business, home based salon must be convenient to customers pass by your shop to reach easily.

9) Rent A Room

Some houses are too big if you have than rent extra rooms & make it guest house rent it out to visitors and earn some extra money, renting room is demanding business in almost every developed countries. Renting room is very easy way to start your business without any investment, experience. All you need to just advertise your vacant room in newspaper or online.

10) Appliance Repair

Technology grows fast and fast so every person have numbers of appliances at their homes for their comfort and ease, If you are from technical background than you have to start your own small business with appliance repairing system. Just plan to start slow and grow your customers’ numbers by references, for more services you can contact contractors to help them for installing new appliances in new constructed apartments.
In the last I would like to suggest you to develop website for your small business because everyone has moved to online. No business can be successful without solid publicity so try to develop website. Website will be used for many requirements such as to contact you, find your location, ask you related questions, make many suggestions, and even customers can use your services online.

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