Job Search – Online Tips & Tricks For Searching Online Jobs

Job Search – Online Tips & Tricks For Searching Online Jobs


Latest technologies have changed our lives ranging from communicating old land line phones to smart phones, from black & white TVs to 3D LEDs, From sending letters by courier to emails, from distributing CV manually to online job search on website portals.

You can now embark on latest technological online jobs search tips & tricks with Google. It could help you to find hundreds of online jobs with just smart keyword tricks. Following these tips & tricks you can find jobs easily from almost anywhere around the World, may it be New York, Sydney, Dubai, Germany,  France, Canada etc. All you need to do is just follow below steps and apply them for recently published jobs easily and quickly.


Tips & Tricks for Google Search Engine


Visit and type this query (“job title” CITY NAME) and press Enter. You will get all search results as per your job title and within your mentioned city. You can easily apply for job here instead of searching for jobs individually on websites portals and companies’ websites.

Please note job title such as Accountant, HR Manager, Marketing Consultant etc should be typed between double quotation marks. Whereas city name can be typed as it is without quotation marks.




You can further filter your result by clicking tool button on right side of Google page. By changing the “any time” to any specific period such as last month will filter out results for you periodically.

Hence you will get filtered result of jobs which are published online since last month to till now. In this way you will receive recent job vacancies online easily and quickly.


You can further search for those websites which have careers or jobs section directly. Instead of searching for companies’ name first, then visiting their websites, finally selecting job postings.

Just follow the same step as described above with little modification of search term.

For example: search in Google: “careers” Abu Dhabi and then press Enter.



You will get tons of websites direct links to careers section which are in Abu Dhabi. Hence, you can start applying, submitting your CV from there. This will save your time and effort for job searching.


Tips & Tricks for Linkedin Professional Network


You can also expand your professional network with HR professionals in You can filter your results for any city or country. This will help you to keep in touch with them for any job opportunities. By connecting and inquiry for any new job opportunities.


Type the following query in Google address bar


For example: “” “HR Manager” Abu Dhabi and then press Enter.

You will receive many HR Managers Linkedin profiles. You can add them to your linked in network. Further, keep an eye for relevant job openings by contacting them and asking for help to review your CV for possible job match.

This will again save your tremendous time and efforts for searching relevant HR Managers Linkedin profile.



Hope these tips & Tricks will help you out in your online jobs search. For more tips and tricks follow DigitalFobs on social media and leave your comments for any suggestions and queries.

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