How to Save Money on WebsHosting Purchase & Renewals? – Top Hacks to Save $$$

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

Warren Buffett

First off, let me give you today’s hack to save $$$ on purchase of website hosting. This will not only save you money but give you awesome extra free features on your hosting as well.

Secondary, some of the following points are easily to be applied to almost every online purchase.

Let’s dive deep into it:

Once you have decided to purchase webhosting. In my case, I did with Bluehost in this example.

First thing to remember in the purchasing process of new web hosting is not to purchase the hosting straight away.

But look for following stuff to save money on web hosting purchase:

  1. Refer latest web hosting reviews for best company & offers (checkout my top reliable & cheap WordPress hosting reviews 2017 here)
  2. Check out available discount coupons in web hosting company websites.
  3. Review hosting subscription plans such as from 1 year, 2 years upto 4 years. The longer the plan duration the higher the discount you save (refer 2nd image below).
  4. Online technique to save money – try to negotiate with the company for extra discounts or additional features (such as free Site Backup Pro, Free Domain Registration, Free Domain Privacy Protection, etc).

Now let’s, check them all one by one…

  • Latest web hosting reviews 2017, compare following companies offer & chose the right one which fits to your budget & requirements

  • Available Coupons for Discount

Check out following discount coupons on A2 hosting site to save money at first instant.

  • Hosting Subscription Plans (From 1 to 4 years)

Check out following different pricing for different hosting subscription plans of Bluehost.

The longest the period of subscription the higher the discount you will get.

  • Online Technique to Save Money on web hosting purchase & renewal

To apply this online technique. First Fill up the Sign-up form of bluehost.

  • Choose your desired plan subscription, the longer the period the higher the discount you will get at the end.


  • Un-check unnecessary options from the plan (to avoid any additional payment which you can get it for free later on with this technique).


  • Once you have filled up the form with complete your details. Here comes the tricky part… Try to move your mouse pointer to the closure tab of browser BUT DON’T close the tab, Just move it to x button browser and suddenly you will get pop up window screen for further discount with extra free features. Refer the following image.

save money on webhosting


  • This pop up is the actual negotiation on further price reduction and additional free features to get under your belt before you finish your order of hosting subscription.


Hit The Big “Claim Savings” Button & Enjoy the Savings!


By following the above techniques, you will save handsome amount of money ($$$) and get additional benefits absolutely free.


You can now compare the offer before was of $ 142.20 and now it has been reduced to Just $ 95.40 with following free additional benefits.

Details of the Discounts:

  • Hosting Price Discount (Saved worth $ 46.8)
  • Domain Privacy Protection (Got Free worth $ 11.88)
  • Site Backup Pro (Got Free worth $ 35.88)


Direct Savings of (142.20-95.40) $ 46.8

Indirect Savings of $ 47.76

Total Discount $ 94.56

(worth of free additional features & discounts)


Sounds Awesome?? 😊


Bonus tip: You can apply these techniques to other online purchases as well, depends from vendor to vendor. Usually big companies give these discounts most often.

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