Google Hidden Features

Google Chrome is an awesome and world’s most popular web browser in just eighth anniversary. Google Chrome has tons of hidden interesting features you might be unaware. Which makes you easy to use Google Chrome safely.

Here are Google hidden features:


Go Incognito



If you want some extra privacy for your browsing turn your browser to Incognito mode by pressing right side three dots to click “New incognito window”. A new window will be open now what you are browsing is just seeing by your own eyes only. It ends session once you close this tab, having said that it clears your all history, cookies etc automatically. This feature is better for accessing your banking, finance related log in websites which deletes your login and other information once you close the session. Unless normal chrome which safes everything even after your browser session ends, that makes risky as everyone can access to your PC can assess to your history, login and other stuffs.


Choose your Favorite Theme



Being bored from default Google theme? Now you have options to choose your most favorite theme free from Chrome store”“. All you need to do is just install your favorite theme. For me Dolphins theme is just awesome.

 Google Hidden Features in Setting



This feature will open up a list of hidden settings to make your Google easy and safe to open your tabs with your own requirements. You can try it by just typing chrome://flags/ in the address bar and choose from vast list of options.


Calculator in Your Browser


Google Chrome is your calculator too, Use your chrome’s address bar for any calculation.
In your address bar just type your sum and get your answer within a second.


T-Rex Game



I think few users know this feature of Google. T-Rex is offline game for time pass if you disconnected from the internet. Hence, when you get disconnected with “Unable to connect to the Internet”, there is a dino T Rex 8 bit style on the top if you notice he blinks his eye after every few seconds. Just press space bar to play game dino start to jump over cacti and vultures for more scores with hitting the space bar. Now your offline time will be spent with a little bit fun.


Have fun ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!


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